Our attorney members throughout California, including Orange, San Diego, & Los Angeles counties, all the way to the Bay Area and Northern California, including Fresno, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Rosa consist of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons and some grandparents. We put the safety of our communities and our friends and families above anything. Our members believe in the safety of our streets and have consistently advocated this position on television and on websites solely dedicated to the prevention of Driving Under the Influence.

Our experience has taught us that we are rarely approached for help until after one has been arrested for Driving Under the Influence. We encourage anyone who needs help or guidance in this area or a guest speaker for any event to please contact our organization and we would be happy to help you free of charge to help get our message of prevention and the goal of community safety to as many people as we can. We have seen the consequences first hand and would love to share our experience.

The heavy burden, costs and inconvenience that occur with every Driving Under the Influence arrest are extreme, but the cases can be successfully defended based on the facts of your case.Driving Under the Influence is simply not worth the consequences and most importantly, the dangers presented to the public at large. Many times the message we wish to present falls on deaf ears, but the message certainly carries more weight when presented by Driving Under the Influence attorneys. If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence and require the help of one of our members, please share your experience candidly with them so that you'll receive competent representation in the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as in the DUI court. Fight your case - California's criminal justice system can stand no less than perfection when you are potentially "not guilty".

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our California DUI attorney members who will be happy to assist you in any matter. Finally, please be safe. We would rather have a safe community above anything else and are willing to assist in any way we can.

Find a Lawyer

You can find qualified attorneys in almost every California county to help you in court, or at the DMV. Contact them and don't forget a 2nd opinion if you want.

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