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California Drug and Alcohol Recovery

California Drunk or Impaired DUI Law for the Public

Attention: If you have just been arrested for a drunk driving or impaired operating charge in the State of California, beware of the DUI laws in this state - the penalties can be severe for even a first offense and reduced charges are possible if you have a decent case and a knowledgeable defense lawyer. Nothing in this site is legal advice and nothing can replace a competent lawyer representing you. Don't go to court or the DMV without a DUI lawyer representing you - get the public defender if you cannot afford a DUI attorney. Remain silent and only discuss your case with a licensed lawyer - we are not a DUI lawyer referral service but you may review our members listings - use Find a CA DUI Attorney

Please feel free to submit link to Executive Director for posting (this list is provided as a service, but all of us DUI lawyers recommend you first check your case out w/ one of us - don't just go into therapy w/o getting a DUI attorney's advice):



Los Angeles County

Assessment Intervention Resources, Inc.

Renaissance Malibu

Orange County

Sober Living by the Sea

San Francisco County

Leaders in Community Alternatives - (415) 546-5222

Santa Clara County

Support Systems Homes

Santa Cruz County

The Camp Recovery Center

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