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2727 Camino Del Rio South Suite 135
San Diego  CA  92108
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Phone : (888) 908-1919
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San Diego & North County DUI Defense Attorney Michael J. Fremont - The most feared DUI lawyer in San Diego County.

DUI Defense Attorney Michael J. Fremont has represented many persons that have been charged with DUI. He has successfully had many cases dismissed, negotiated lesser charges, lesser penalties and kept drivers licenses from being suspended.  Attorney Fremont has tried over 300 DUI jury trials.

Since 1988 Attorney Fremont has provided exceptional legal representation to clients in San Diego facing DUI charges. He has formal training in field sobriety testing, police procedures, breath testing and blood analysis. He has also worked with the top forensic experts in the field. He lectures frequently to other attorneys at seminars on pre-trial and trial strategies. He also acts as a consultant to other lawyers to assist them with their cases.

Mr. Fremont is a recognized leading authority in DUI law and is a named contributor to California Drunk Driving Defense, a leading publication for criminal defense lawyers and author of the DUI A to Z trial manual. As one of San Diego's most active DUI attorneys, Mr. Fremont has accumulated a remarkably successful record of "wins" in the court room. See What attorneys and clients have to say about San Diego DUI Defense Attorney Michael J. Fremont click here.
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I have been an attorney for 21 years.  For the last 18 I have emphasized DUI Defense. I have been trained on Police procedure, Field Sobriety Tests, Breath and blood testing by the best experts in the field.  Every day I get phone calls, e-mails, and texts from other attorneys throughout California asking me for advice.
Common DUI Attorney Myths

Myth One: Any Attorney Can Do DUI'S.
Not True! Very few attorneys are actually competent and capable enough to handle DUI cases. It takes years of experience to properly handle a DUI.
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Myth Two: Little Or No Money Down.
This scheme ends up costing you more! The gimmick of little or no money down is that the rates are higher you end up paying more. I offer reasonable rates and payments plans.
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Myth Three: The Team Is Better.
Not true! As the old saying goes, too many chefs spoil the broth.  This is true when it comes to DUI defense. I have more DUI / DMV experience than entire teams of attorneys working for other firms.
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Myth Four: They Advertise On TV They Must Be Good.
Have you ever bought anything from a TV Infomercial and been fully satisfied? Who do you think ends up paying for that expensive TV advertising?
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Myth Five: The Other Firm Is State Wide.
That means low cost "contract attorneys" are used in each location. I handle all my cases personally. When you hire me I will handle your case from start to finish.
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Myth Six: I Can Wait And See. I Don't Need An Attorney Right Now.
Not true! Action needs to be taken as soon as possible. The DMV is ready to suspend your license.
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You Can Afford an Experienced DUI Attorney

Attorney Michael Fremont offers REASONABLE FEES NO HIDDEN OR EXTRA CHARGES as well as MILITARY DISCOUNTS. Mr. Fremont also accepts PAYMENT PLANS. Currently Mr. Fremont has 2 offices in San Diego and North County. DUI Defense Attorney Michael J. Fremont is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you fight your DUI Charges.

San Diego & North County DUI Lawyer

Michael J. Fremont serving the greater San Diego and North County areas including Oceanside, Fallbrook, Escondido, San Marcos, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, Vista, Encinitas, Leucadia, Poway, and Solana Beach.

Have you been arrested for DUI? There is an alternative to pleading guilty. Michael J. Fremont, believes you should have that option!

After being arrested for DUI in California, you may be facing imprisonment, driver's license suspension, and other serious criminal penalties, as well as other repercussions of a conviction of this kind.  Michael J. Fremont represents drivers throughout the San Diego and North county area who have been arrested for drunk driving, taking care to provide the high quality of client service and legal counsel that is necessary to reach the best possible outcome in criminal court and at DMV hearings. Accepting a plea bargain does not have to be your only option to try to mitigate the penalties you may face after a DUI arrest. With immediate, aggressive representation by a competent attorney, you can avoid a conviction altogether or may be able to have your charges dismissed.

Experience, Knowledge and Resources on Your Side

Building DUI defense strategies can be difficult, but with the proper legal knowledge and experience an attorney can create a plan of action that addresses the unique concerns associated with your particular case, protecting your constitutional rights and helping you avoid a conviction as well as license suspension.

San Diego DUI lawyer Michael J. Fremont has been practicing law since 1988 and has tried in excess of 300 DUI cases as well as other matters. Attorney Fremont continues to provide exceptional legal representation to clients in San Diego and North County facing drunk driving charges, and also lectures frequently to attorneys at seminars on pre-trial and trial strategies. Attorney Fremont also acts as a consultant to other lawyers to assist them with their cases.

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Your initial consultation with DUI defense attorney Michael Fremont is free, and this will give you a valuable opportunity to learn more about your criminal charges and what an attorney can do to assist you in reaching a positive case resolution - one that does not involve facing imprisonment or losing your driver's license. With over twenty years of experience and a tireless dedication to protecting his clients' rights, you can count on Michael Fremont to appropriately address your DUI charges and offer you the full protection your constitutional rights and our legal system have to offer.

If you or someone you know is facing San Diego DUI charges, contact the Law Offices of Michael J. Fremont today!

Our office is conveniently located and available for consultations regarding all DUI and Drunk Driving related matters.

Office Location:
187 Calle Magdalena
Suite 130
Encinitas, CA 92024

San Diego Location:
2727 Camino Del Rio South
Suite 135
San Diego, CA 92108

Charged with a crime other than DUI, San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Fremont can help.