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San Diego is a Driving Under the Influence or DUI hotbed with heavy enforcement and a large police presence who make many arrests.  This is a result in large part, to the many colleges and universities in the area including the California Western School of LawUniversity of San Diego,University of California, San DiegoSan Diego State UniversitySan Diego Mesa College and many other colleges and universities which greatly increase the younger college age population.  Statistics show that younger populations are more prone to Driving Under the Influence or DUI related charges due to inexperience with alcohol and the use of alcohol by those under the age or 21.  

San Diego Driving Under the Influence and DUI defense attorneys must be specialized and experienced to deal with the hard stance taken by theSan Diego District Attorney's office.

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The difference between San Diego DUI attorneys and San Diego Driving Under the Influence attorneys that are not members of the California DUI Lawyers association and those that are not, is members have access to many resources and many of the best DUI attorneys in California and can use those unparalleled resources that other San Diego DUI attorneys do not have access to.

When facing a San Diego DUI charges, it is important that you contact a San Diego DUI Attorney that is a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association to have peace of mind and rest assured that your attorney has access to the best California DUI and Impaired driving resources available to San Diego DUI Attorneys.