DUI Lawyers in SONOMA County

Joshua M. Dale  Board Member - Specialist Member

Joshua M. Dale, Esq.
P.O. Box 151
Monte Rio, CA  95462

PHONE: 707-520-4350 FAX: 1-877-384-4357
EMAIL: jdale@joshdale.com
WEBSITE: www.joshdale.com

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Ronald Dinan  Specialist Member

Ronald Dinan & Associates
411 Russell Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA  95403

PHONE: 707 571-5550 FAX: 707 571-5521
EMAIL: rondinan@aol.com
WEBSITE: www.dinanlaw.com

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Daniel Beck  Regular Member

Beck Law P.C.
2681 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA  95403

PHONE: 707-576-7175 FAX: 707-576-1878
EMAIL: duicontactus@becklaw.net
WEBSITE: www.duibecklaw.com

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Amy Chapman  Regular Member

Law Office of Amy Chapman
703 2nd St, Suite 407
Santa Rosa, CA  95404

PHONE: 7076363207
EMAIL: amy@amychapmanlaw.com
WEBSITE: https://www.amychapmanlaw.com/

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Samuel Thomas Daw  Regular Member

Law Office of Samuel T. Daw
703 2nd St. Suite 403
Santa Rosa, CA  95404

PHONE: 707-331-0112 FAX: 707-575-0905
EMAIL: samueldaw.attorney@gmail.com

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Joseph Hoppe  Regular Member

Law Offices of
855 Seventh Street
Santa Rosa, CA  95402

PHONE: 707-477-1364
EMAIL: lawlords@aol.com

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Justin O. Milligan  Regular Member

Law Offices of Michael A. Fiumara
182 Farmers Lane, Suite 100
Santa Rosa, CA  95405

PHONE: 707-571-8600 FAX: 707-568-7240
EMAIL: justin@fiumara.com
WEBSITE: fiumara.com

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Dave Jake Schwartz  Regular Member

PO Box 5604
Santa Rosa, CA  95402

PHONE: 707-480-3383 FAX: 707-540-6056
EMAIL: riverjake@comcast.net
WEBSITE: SonomaCountyDUILawyer.com

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Steven B. Taxman  Regular Member

Law Offices of Steven Taxman
250 D Street, Suite 200
Santa Rosa, CA  95404

PHONE: (707)758-2030 FAX: (707)571-0218
EMAIL: steven@stevenbtaxman.com
WEBSITE: topnorcalduidefense.com

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Jon W Woolsey  Regular Member

DUI Law Firm of Jon Woolsey
16 Hop Ranch Court
Santa Rosa, CA  95403

PHONE: 707-570-0770 FAX: 707-570-0570
EMAIL: pwrcounsel@yahoo.com
WEBSITE: www.DUI911.com

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Steven Fabian  Associate - Attorney Member

P.O. Box 1412
Sebastopol, CA  95473

PHONE: 707-481-4488 FAX: 707-573-1094
EMAIL: stevefabianlaw@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.stevefabianlaw.com

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Paul Burglin  Specialist Member

999 Fifth Avenue, Suite 350
San Rafael, CA  94901

PHONE: 415-729-7300 FAX: 415-457-2539
EMAIL: burglin@msn.com
WEBSITE: www.burglin.com

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