DUI Lawyers in SAN FRANCISCO County

David Michael Bigeleisen  Regular Member

Law Office of David Michael Bigeleisen
1155 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA  94109

PHONE: 415 957-1717 FAX: 415 957-1777
EMAIL: david@bigeleisenlaw.com
WEBSITE: www.Bigeleisenlaw.com

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Aaron R. Bortel  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
650 Fifth Street, Suite 508
San Francisco, CA  94107

PHONE: 415 247-0700 FAX: 415 247-0702
EMAIL: abortellaw@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.bortel-law.com

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Jonah Chew  Regular Member

Law Office of Jonah Chew
1112 Bryant Street, 3rd
San Francisco, CA  94103

PHONE: 415-484-1718 FAX: 415-618-0073
EMAIL: jonah.chew@gmail.com

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Nors Davidson  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
201 Spear Street, Suite 1100
San Francisco, CA  94105

PHONE: 415-660-3313 FAX: 415-660-3314
EMAIL: norsdavidson@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.sanfranciscoduicrimedefense.com

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Adam G. Gasner  Regular Member

The Law Office of Adam G. Gasner
345 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA  94102

PHONE: 415 782-6000 FAX: 415-782-6011
EMAIL: adam@gasnerlaw.com
WEBSITE: www.gasnerlaw.com

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Samuel Geller  Regular Member

Geller Law
75 Broadway St, #202
San Francisco, CA  94111

PHONE: 4155153545 FAX: 4158401732
EMAIL: info@gellerlawsf.com
WEBSITE: www.gellerlawsf.com

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Peter Goodman  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
819 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA  94109

PHONE: 415 781-8866 FAX: 415 781-2266
EMAIL: goodmanlawoffice@att.net

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Pam Herzig  Regular Member

Law Offices of Pamela Herzig
255 Kansas St. Suite 340
San Francisco, CA  94103

PHONE: 415-565-9600 FAX: 415-565-9601
EMAIL: 255kansas@sbcglobal.net

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William Allen Higgins  Regular Member

The Law Office of William A. Higgins
650 - 5th Street, Suite 508
San Francisco, CA  94107

PHONE: 415-341-5855 FAX: 415-247-0702
EMAIL: wahlawoffice@yahoo.com

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Amethyst Debra Johnson  Regular Member

Law Offices of Amethyst Johnson
388 Market Street, Suite 1300
San Francisco, CA  94111

PHONE: 888-565-5299
EMAIL: attorney.amethyst@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.attorneyamethyst.com

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E. Michael Linscheid  Regular Member

Law Offices of
345 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA  94102

PHONE: 415-782-6002 FAX: 415-241-7340
EMAIL: michael@linscheidlaw.com
WEBSITE: www.linscheidlaw.com

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Arthur C. Lipton  Regular Member

Lipton & Piper, LLP
870 Market # 945
San Francisco, CA  94102

PHONE: 415 362-6286 FAX: 415 362-6819
EMAIL: ace@liptonpiper.com
WEBSITE: Liptonpiper.com

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James Joseph Murphy  Regular Member

Law Offices of
333 W Portal Ave
San Francisco, CA  94127

PHONE: (415) 731-9800 FAX: (415) 731-6687
EMAIL: jjmsanfrancisco@gmail.com
WEBSITE: jjmesq.com

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samuel okeefe  Regular Member

1736 Stockton Street, # 4
San Francisco, CA  94133

PHONE: 4153979509 FAX: 4153979509
EMAIL: sam@douglashorngradlawoffices.com

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D.L. Rencher  Regular Member

Rencher Law Group, P.C.
1438 Market Street, 1F
San Francisco, CA  94102

PHONE: (415) 877-4486 FAX: (415) 552-4486
EMAIL: dlrencher1@rencherlawgroup.com
WEBSITE: www.rencherlawgroup.com

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Matt Atherton Sullivan  Regular Member

Law Office of Matt Sullivan
1112 Bryant Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA  94103

PHONE: 415-879-1256 FAX: 415-618-0073
EMAIL: mattsullivanlaw@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.mattsullivanlaw.com

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Eloy Ivan Trujillo  Regular Member

Law Offices of Eloy I. Trujillo
1686 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA  94103

PHONE: (415) 436-9236 FAX: (877) 689-0676
EMAIL: eloy@trujillolawoffices.com
WEBSITE: www.trujillolawoffices.com

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William Walraven  Regular Member

Law Offices of William Walraven
650 5th Street, Suite 508
San Francisco, CA  94107

PHONE: 4152470701 FAX: 4152470702
EMAIL: walravenlaw@gmail.com
WEBSITE: walravenlawoffices.com

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Jeffrey Nilsen  Associate - Non Attorney Member

Driver Performance Institutes
350 Townsend Street, Suite 205
San Francisco, CA  94107

PHONE: 415.905.5555 FAX: 415.905.5565
EMAIL: sfdpi@yahoo.com
WEBSITE: sfdpi.com

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Leslie Summers  Associate - Non Attorney Member

Leaders In Community Alternatives, Inc.
594 Howard Street, Ste. 300
San Francisco, CA  94105

PHONE: 415-546-5222 FAX: 415-546-1932
EMAIL: lsummers@lcaservices.com
WEBSITE: www.lcaservices.com

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Donald Gray Drewry  Board Member - Specialist Member

Attorney at Law
14895 East 14th Street Suite 485
San Leandro, CA  94578

PHONE: 510 346-6666 FAX: 510 346-6668
EMAIL: dgdattorney@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.duioffice.com

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Lynn Gorelick  Board Member - Specialist Member

Gorelick Law Offices
24301 Southland Drive Suite 620
Hayward, CA  94545

PHONE: 510 785-1444 FAX: 510 670-8746
EMAIL: lynn@gorelick-law.com
WEBSITE: www.gorelick-law.com

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Paul Burglin  Specialist Member

999 Fifth Avenue, Suite 350
San Rafael, CA  94901

PHONE: 415-729-7300 FAX: 415-457-2539
EMAIL: burglin@msn.com
WEBSITE: www.burglin.com

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Tom McKenna  Specialist Member

Law Office of Thomas F. McKenna
201 N. Civic Drive, Suite 225
Walnut Creek, CA  94596

PHONE: 925 933-7500 FAX: 925 933-4515
EMAIL: tom@tfmcriminallawfirm.net
WEBSITE: www.tfmcriminallawfirm.com

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