DUI Lawyers in SAN DIEGO County

Joshua J. Price  Board Member - Specialist Member

Law Office of Joshua J. Price
4025 Camino Del Rio S. #300
San Diego, CA  92108

PHONE: 619.846.2235
EMAIL: joshjprice@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.defendingrights.com

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Michael Fremont  Specialist Member

2727 Camino Del Rio South Suite 135
San Diego, CA  92108

PHONE: (888) 908-1919 FAX: 760 635-0654
EMAIL: michaelfremont91@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.notguiltyduisandiego.com

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Philip Gagnon  Specialist Member

The DUI Guys®
3955 Falcon Street
San Diego, CA  92103

PHONE: 619.295.6369 FAX: 619.295.6169
EMAIL: theduiguys@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.theduiguys.com

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Rick (George Fredrick) Mueller  Specialist Member

San Diego County DUI Law Center
4660 La Jolla Village Drive Suite 500
San Diego, CA  92122

PHONE: 858 587-6055 FAX: 858 451-9097
EMAIL: rick@sandiegodui.com
WEBSITE: www.sandiegodui.com

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Jesse Adriance  Regular Member

Adriance Law Firm
121 Broadway Suite 550
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: (619) 365-5564 FAX: (619) 501-5208
EMAIL: jesse@adriancelaw.com
WEBSITE: adriancelaw.com

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Lauren Ruth Angelos  Regular Member

401 West A Street, Suite 1420
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: (619) 727-6812 FAX: (619) 768-2471
EMAIL: lauren@angeloslawgroup.com
WEBSITE: angeloslawgroup.com

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Vikas Bajaj  Regular Member

Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC
1230 Columbia Street #565
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: (619) 525-7005
EMAIL: info@bajajlaw.com
WEBSITE: www.bajajdefense.com

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Isaac Blumberg  Regular Member

Law Office of Isaac Blumberg
1350 Columbia St. 601
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 619-525-9911 FAX: 619-525-9922
EMAIL: Isaac@isaacblumberg.com
WEBSITE: www.isaacblumberg.com

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Joshua Rollin Bourne  Regular Member

The Law Office of Joshua R. Bourne
185 West F Street
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 619-238-8242 FAX: 619-238-8282
EMAIL: jbourne@bournelegal.com
WEBSITE: www.bournelegal.com

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Timothy Campen  Regular Member

Timothy Campen - Attorney at Law
2720 5th Ave., Suite I
San Diego, CA  92103

PHONE: 619-202-7707 FAX: 619-202-7767
EMAIL: tim@defenselawsd.com
WEBSITE: defenselawsd.com

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Thomas James De Santis  Regular Member

Law Offices of Frank De Santis
298 Third Avenue
Chula Vista, CA  91910

PHONE: 6194252020 FAX: 6194252120
EMAIL: thomas@desantislawcenter.com

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Mark Randall De Yoe  Regular Member

Mark R. De Yoe, APLC
401 B Street, Suite 2215
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: (619) 237-0555 FAX: (619) 237-0336
EMAIL: mrdeyoe@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.mydui.com

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Mark L Deniz  Regular Member

Law Offices of Mark Deniz APLC
2831 Camino Del Rio South, Ste 307
San Diego, CA  92108

PHONE: (858) 751-4384
EMAIL: mark@denizdefense.com
WEBSITE: www.denizdefense.com

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James Nelson Dicks  Regular Member

Law Office of James N. Dicks
400 S. Melrose Drive, Suite 109
Vista, CA  92081

PHONE: 760-630-2000 FAX: 760-630-2002
EMAIL: james@jdlawsd.com
WEBSITE: www.criminaldefenseattorneysandiego.com

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Richard L. Duquette  Regular Member

Law Firm of
PO Box 5119
Oceanside, CA  92052-5119

PHONE: 760 730-0500 FAX: 760 730-0120
EMAIL: RLDuquette@911law.com
WEBSITE: www.911criminallaw.com

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Jeremy H. Elias  Regular Member

The Law Office of J.H.Elias
600 B St Ste 1420
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 6198438546 FAX: 6199968692
EMAIL: esq@JHElias.com
WEBSITE: JHElias.com

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Eric Ganci  Regular Member

Ganci, Esq., APC
350 10th Ave, Ste 1000
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 760-216-4941 FAX: 888-241-5887
EMAIL: Eric@GanciEsq.com
WEBSITE: www.GanciEsq.com

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Jennifer Rachel Goldman  Regular Member

Goldman Legal
402 West Broadway, Suite 1300
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: (619) 796-6841 FAX: (619) 768-1028
EMAIL: triallawyerforjustice@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.goldmanlegalsd.com

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Michael David Kern  Regular Member

Kern Law, APC
5360 Jackson Dr. Ste. 218
La Mesa, CA  91942

PHONE: 619 200-2808 FAX: 619 460-0545
EMAIL: kernlawapc@gmail.com
WEBSITE: michaelkernlaw.com

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Daniel Krinsky  Regular Member

110 West A Street, Suite 1025
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 619.231.6653 FAX: 619.231.5739
EMAIL: dan@dankrinskylaw.com
WEBSITE: www.dankrinskylaw.com

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Peter Michael Liss  Regular Member

Law Offices of Peter M. Liss
380 S. Melrose Dr. Ste 301
Vista, CA  92081

PHONE: 760-643-4050 FAX: 760-643-4070
EMAIL: peterliss@melroselawcenter.com
WEBSITE: VistaCriminalLaw.com

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Joshua Angel Lopez  Regular Member

The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez
1620 Fifth Ave. Suite 625
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 619-324-3132 FAX: 619-359-3143
EMAIL: josh@lopezdefense.com
WEBSITE: www.lopezdefense.com

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Jessica McElfresh  Regular Member

McElfresh Law, Inc.
646 Valley Ave Ste C2
Solana Beach, CA  92075

PHONE: (858) 756-7107 FAX: (858) 225-6700
EMAIL: support@criminallawyersandiego.com
WEBSITE: www.criminallawyersandiego.com/

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Peter Anthony Mesich  Regular Member

The Law Office of Peter A. Mesich, Esq.
4640 Cass Street, No. 99215
San Diego, CA  92169

PHONE: (619) 259-0384
EMAIL: pmesich@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.finestcitydui.com

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Vik Monder  Regular Member

Monder Law Group- San Diego Criminal & DUI Defense
424 F Street
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 6194050063
EMAIL: vik@monderlaw.com
WEBSITE: www.monderlaw.com

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Michael Norton  Regular Member

Law Offices of Michael Norton
5489 coyote court
carlsbad, CA  92010

PHONE: 7604205537 FAX: 7604485756
EMAIL: nortonesq@gmail.com

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Mary Frances Prevost  Regular Member

Law Offices of
550 W. C, Ste. 1830
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 619 692-9001 FAX: 888-959-3790
EMAIL: impd2rq@aol.com
WEBSITE: www.acrimedefenseattorney.com

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Megan Elizabeth Scafiddi  Regular Member

Law Offices of Michael A. Scafiddi
3111 Camino Del Rio N Ste 400
San Diego, CA  92108

PHONE: 619-528-2352 FAX: 619-528-2358
EMAIL: Megan@scafiddilaw.com
WEBSITE: scafiddilaw.com

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Christopher Sohovich  Regular Member

1455 Frazee Rd. STE 500
San Diego, CA  92108

PHONE: 619-326-8161 FAX: 619-615-2185
EMAIL: chris@sohovichlaw.com
WEBSITE: sohovichlaw.com

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Matthew H. Springmeyer  Regular Member

Law Office of Matthew H. Springmeyer
3990 Old Town Ave, Suite B109
San Diego, CA  92110

PHONE: 619-365-5378 FAX: 866-542-0677
EMAIL: matt@springmeyerlawfirm.com
WEBSITE: www.springmeyerlawfirm.com

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Howard Williams  Regular Member

1650 Hotel Circle North Suite 210
San Diego, CA  92108

PHONE: 858-654-0407
EMAIL: howardwilliams3@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.lawfirmofhowardwilliams.com

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Donte Terrill Wyatt  Regular Member

Law Offices of Donte T. Wyatt
625 Broadway Suite 1017
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 619-807-9505 FAX: 619-752-1089
EMAIL: attorneydontetwyatt@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.dontewyatt.com

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Anna R. Yum  Regular Member

Law Offices of Anna R. Yum
501 W. Broadway, Suite 700
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 619-233-4433 FAX: 866-407-7725
EMAIL: ayum@annayumlaw.com
WEBSITE: www.annayumlaw.com

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Ryan Mullinax  Associate - Non Attorney Member

Sanctuary Bail Bonds
3026 Midway Dr Suite D
San Diego, CA  92110

PHONE: 619-512-4111 FAX: 619-374-2911
EMAIL: ryan@sanctuarybailbonds.com
WEBSITE: www.sanctuarybailbonds.com

Full Profile of Ryan Mullinax

Scott H Silverman  Associate - Non Attorney Member

Confidential Recovery
7071 Consolidated Way
San Diego, CA  92121

PHONE: 619-452-1200
EMAIL: ssilverman@confidentialrecovery.com
WEBSITE: www.confidentialrecovery.com

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Michael J. Kennedy  Board Member - Specialist Member

Law Office of Michael J. Kennedy
82632-B Hwy 111, Suite 3
Indio, CA  92201

PHONE: (760)863-3840 FAX: (760)863-3842
EMAIL: capmotion@earthlink.net
WEBSITE: www.kennedyforlaw.com

Full Profile of Michael J. Kennedy

Felipe Plascencia  Board Member - Specialist Member

Law Office of Felipe Plascencia
15851 Whittier Blvd., 2nd Floor
Whittier, CA  90603

PHONE: (562) 947-8218 FAX: (562) 947-8323
EMAIL: administrator@plascencialaw.com
WEBSITE: california-dui-warrior.com

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Barry T. Simons  Specialist Member

Attorney at Law
260 St. Ann's Drive
Laguna Beach, CA  92651

PHONE: 949 497-1729 FAX: 949 497-3971
EMAIL: info@simonslaw.com
WEBSITE: www.duilawyerorangecounty.com

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