DUI Lawyers in RIVERSIDE County

Manuel J. Barba  Board Member - Specialist Member

Law Offices of Manuel J. Barba
3800 Orange Street #100
Riverside, CA  92501

PHONE: 951-680-9125 FAX: 951-680-9161
EMAIL: manuel@barbalawyer.com
WEBSITE: www.barbalawyer.com

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Donald Joseph Bartell  Board Member - Specialist Member

Bartell and Hensel
5053 La Mart Drive Suite 201
Riverside, CA  92507

PHONE: 951 788-2230 FAX: 951 788-9162
EMAIL: djbartell@pacbell.net
WEBSITE: www.theriversideduiattorney.com

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Michael J. Kennedy  Board Member - Specialist Member

Law Office of Michael J. Kennedy
82632-B Hwy 111, Suite 3
Indio, CA  92201

PHONE: (760)863-3840 FAX: (760)863-3842
EMAIL: capmotion@earthlink.net
WEBSITE: www.kennedyforlaw.com

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Lara Jayne Gressley  Board Member - Regular Member

Bartell & Hensel
5053 La Mart Dr. Ste. 201
Riverside, CA  92507

PHONE: 951-788-2230 FAX: 951-788-9162
EMAIL: lara.esq@gmail.com

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Wais Azami  Regular Member

Law Office of Wais Azami
27186 Newport Road, Suite 2
Menifee, CA  92584

PHONE: (951) 490-2821
EMAIL: wais@AzamiLaw.com
WEBSITE: AzamiLaw.com

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Jared Daniel Bartell  Regular Member

Bartell & Hensel
5053 La Mart Dr #201
Riverside, CA  92507

PHONE: 951-788-2230
EMAIL: jdbartell@gmail.com

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Wayne H. Battersby  Regular Member

Law Offices of
777 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Ste. 200
Palm Springs, CA  92262

PHONE: 760-320-0321 FAX: 760-345-3660
EMAIL: waynebat44@aol.com

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Shaffer T. Cormell  Regular Member

Law Offices of Shaffer Cormell
1130 West Hobsonway
Blythe, CA  92225-1422

PHONE: 760-922-5051
EMAIL: cormell@usa.com
WEBSITE: cormellshafferlaw.com

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Leonard Cravens  Regular Member

Law Offices of
45-902 Oasis Street, Ste. C, POB 2714
Indio, CA  92202

PHONE: (760) 342-1810 FAX: (760) 418-8023
EMAIL: cravenslawindio@gmail.com

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Anastacio De La Cruz  Regular Member

Law Offices of Anastacio De La Cruz
82632 Highway 111, Suite B1
Indio, CA  92201

PHONE: (760) 444-4211
EMAIL: delacruzlaw1@gmail.com

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Mike W. Donaldson  Regular Member

The Law Office of Michael W. Donaldson
43537 Ridge Park Drive
Temecula, CA  92590-____

PHONE: 9513874982 FAX: 9513463861
EMAIL: mike@mikedonaldsonlaw.com
WEBSITE: www.mikedonaldsonlaw.com

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Suzanne Marie Ferguson  Regular Member

Suzanne M. Ferguson, Attorney at Law
27475 Ynez Road, Ste. 283
Temecula, CA  92591

PHONE: (949) 887-7036
EMAIL: sf246972@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.suzannemferguson.com

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Michael B. Goldstein  Regular Member

Law Offices of
77-564 Country Club Dr.
Palm Desert, CA  92211

PHONE: 760-772-4278 FAX: 760-772-4279
EMAIL: michael@michaelgoldstein.net
WEBSITE: www.michaelgoldstein.net

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Shannon Goldstein  Regular Member

Law Offices of Michael B. Goldstein
77564A Country Club Drive, ste. 201
Palm Desert, CA  92211

PHONE: 760-772-4278 FAX: 760-772-4270
EMAIL: shannongoldstein@me.com
WEBSITE: michaelgoldstein.net

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Donald J. Hensel  Regular Member

Bartell & Hensel
5053 La Mart Drive- Suite 201
Riverside, CA  92507

PHONE: 951-788-2230 FAX: 951-788-9162
EMAIL: DJH7856@aol.com

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Jessica Jimenez  Regular Member

Jimenez Law Offices
77760 Country Club Drive, Suite H
Palm Desert, CA  92211

PHONE: 760-345-4777 FAX: 760-406-9326
EMAIL: jessica@desertdefenders.com
WEBSITE: www.desertdefenders.com

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John Jimenez  Regular Member

Law Offices of John Jimenez
77564A Country Club Drive, Suite 236
Palm Desert, CA  92211

PHONE: 760-345-4777 FAX: 1-760-406-9326
EMAIL: netjimenez@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.desertdefenders.com

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Dennis Moore  Regular Member

Law Office of Dennis Moore
5041 La Mart Dr., Suite 230
Riverside, CA  92507

PHONE: 951-660-5289 FAX: 951-340-3276
EMAIL: DennisMoore@dmoorelegal.com
WEBSITE: www.duilawyerinlandempire.com

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Joseph Rhea  Regular Member

Law Office of Joseph T. Rhea
777 E. Tahquitz Canyon, Suite 328
Palm Springs, CA  92262

PHONE: 7605342173 FAX: 7605342173
EMAIL: jtrlawoffice@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.palmspringsdefense.com

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Barry Gerald Sands  Regular Member

Barry Gerald Sands- Criminal Defense Lawyer, INC.
82590 HWY 111 SUITE 201
INDIO, CA  92201

PHONE: 7606006829 FAX: 7603473444
EMAIL: bsandslaw@aol.com

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Dan R Shapiro  Regular Member

Law Office of Daniel R Shapiro
5610 Felspar Street
Riverside, CA  92509

PHONE: 951 361-0500 FAX: 951 360-0356
EMAIL: dnalaw@sbcglobal.net
WEBSITE: www.riversidedefender.com

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James Taylor  Regular Member

Law Office of James M. Taylor
66 West Ramsey
Banning, CA  92220

PHONE: 951-849-2081 FAX: 951-849-2570
EMAIL: jamesmtaylorlaw@gmail.com

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Jeremy J. Waitman  Regular Member

Law Office s of Manuel J. Barba
3800 Orange Street, Suite 100
Riverside, CA  92501

PHONE: 951 680 9125 FAX: 951 680 9161
EMAIL: jwaitman@barbalawyer.com

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82-850 HWY 111, STE. A
INDIO, CA  92201

PHONE: 7603471108 FAX: 7602623171
EMAIL: hilda@zamorajustice.com


Rob A. Collier  Associate - Non Attorney Member

California Drivers Advocates, Inc.
7900 Limonite Avenue, Suite G-308
Riverside, CA  92509

PHONE: (888) 281-5244 FAX: (888) 381-2448
EMAIL: rob@dmv-defenders.com
WEBSITE: www.dmv-defenders.com

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Felipe Plascencia  Board Member - Specialist Member

Law Office of Felipe Plascencia
15851 Whittier Blvd., 2nd Floor
Whittier, CA  90603

PHONE: (562) 947-8218 FAX: (562) 947-8323
EMAIL: administrator@plascencialaw.com
WEBSITE: california-dui-warrior.com

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Rick (George Fredrick) Mueller  Specialist Member

San Diego County DUI Law Center
4660 La Jolla Village Drive Suite 500
San Diego, CA  92122

PHONE: 858 587-6055 FAX: 858 451-9097
EMAIL: rick@sandiegodui.com
WEBSITE: www.sandiegodui.com

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J. Michael Norris  Specialist Member

Michael Norris, Inc.
120 Fisherman's Wharf
Redondo Beach, CA  90277

PHONE: 310 376-0922 FAX: 310 374-2647
EMAIL: mnorris@mminternet.com
WEBSITE: www.michaelnorrislaw.com

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Barry T. Simons  Specialist Member

Attorney at Law
260 St. Ann's Drive
Laguna Beach, CA  92651

PHONE: 949 497-1729 FAX: 949 497-3971
EMAIL: info@simonslaw.com
WEBSITE: www.duilawyerorangecounty.com

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Vincent John Tucci  Specialist Member

Braden & Tucci
82 Discovery
Irvine, CA  92618

PHONE: (949) 872-2700 FAX: (949) 872-2708
EMAIL: vince@caduilaw.com
WEBSITE: www.caduilaw.com

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