DUI Lawyers in MARIN County

Paul Burglin  Specialist Member

999 Fifth Avenue, Suite 350
San Rafael, CA  94901

PHONE: 415-729-7300 FAX: 415-457-2539
EMAIL: burglin@msn.com
WEBSITE: www.burglin.com

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Steven Juliani  Regular Member

Law office of Steven Juliani
24 Professional Center Parkway, Suite 240
San Rafael, CA  94903

PHONE: 415-521-8892 FAX: 415- 223-9908
EMAIL: sj@stevenjulianilaw.com
WEBSITE: stevenjulianilaw.com

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Gary Kauffman  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
46 N. San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA  94903

PHONE: 415 492-0431 FAX: 415 491-8990
EMAIL: garykauffman@sbcglobal.net

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John Stanko  Regular Member

Law Office of John Stanko, Inc.
4040 Civic Center Dr., #200
San Rafael, CA  94903

PHONE: 4157558899 FAX: 4155321436
EMAIL: john@stankolaw.com
WEBSITE: www.stankolaw.com

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Joshua M. Dale  Board Member - Specialist Member

Joshua M. Dale, Esq.
P.O. Box 151
Monte Rio, CA  95462

PHONE: 707-520-4350 FAX: 1-877-384-4357
EMAIL: jdale@joshdale.com
WEBSITE: www.joshdale.com

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Ronald Dinan  Specialist Member

Ronald Dinan & Associates
411 Russell Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA  95403

PHONE: 707 571-5550 FAX: 707 571-5521
EMAIL: rondinan@aol.com
WEBSITE: www.dinanlaw.com

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