DUI Lawyers in HUMBOLDT County

Manny Daskal  Board Member - Specialist Member

Law Offices of Manny Daskal
PO Box 593
Eureka, CA  95502

PHONE: 707 443-9842 FAX: 707 443-3654
EMAIL: mdesq@sbcglobal.net
WEBSITE: www.humboldtdui.com

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Kathleen Bryson  Regular Member

Law Office of Kathleen Bryson
732 Fifth Street, Suite C
Eureka, CA  95501

PHONE: 707-268-8600 FAX: 707-268-8686
EMAIL: kbesq@sbcglobal.net

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Benjamin Okin  Regular Member

Law Offices
309 O Street
Eureka, CA  95501

PHONE: 707-443-9842 FAX: 707-443-3654
EMAIL: bokin@humdefense.com
WEBSITE: www.humdefense.com

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Ronald Dinan  Specialist Member

Ronald Dinan & Associates
411 Russell Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA  95403

PHONE: 707 571-5550 FAX: 707 571-5521
EMAIL: rondinan@aol.com
WEBSITE: www.dinanlaw.com

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