DUI Lawyers in ALAMEDA County

Lynn Gorelick, President  Board Member - Specialist Member

Gorelick Law Offices
24301 Southland Drive Suite 620
Hayward, CA  94545

PHONE: 510 785-1444 FAX: 510 670-8746
EMAIL: lynn@gorelick-law.com
WEBSITE: www.gorelick-law.com

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Donald Gray Drewry  Board Member - Specialist Member

Attorney at Law
14895 East 14th Street Suite 485
San Leandro, CA  94578

PHONE: 510 346-6666 FAX: 510 346-6668
EMAIL: dgdattorney@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.duioffice.com

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Michael Bae  Regular Member

The Ticket Clinic
16169 Hesperian Blvd
San Lorenzo, CA  94580

PHONE: 5104690667 FAX: 5102788301
EMAIL: mbae@theticketclinic.com

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Alexander Bugescu  Regular Member

Law Office of Denis White
901 H Street, #101
Sacramento, CA  95814

PHONE: 916-444-3300 FAX: 916-444-3210
EMAIL: alex@deniswhitelaw.com
WEBSITE: sacramentoDUIattorney.com

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Kim Wollenberg Burgess  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
11820 Dublin Blvd.
Dublin, CA  94568

PHONE: (925) 828-3008 FAX: (925) 905-2138
EMAIL: kimcburgess@comcast.net
WEBSITE: www.kimburgess.com

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David J. Byron  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
39275 State Street
Fremont, CA  94538-1437

PHONE: 510 792-9297 FAX: 510 489-8023
EMAIL: attybyron@gmail.com

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Martin Caraves  Regular Member

Caraves Law
405 14th Street #1120
Oakland, CA  94612

PHONE: 5105080118 FAX: 5102985620
EMAIL: martin.caraves@gmail.com
WEBSITE: caraveslaw.com

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Robbi A. Cook  Regular Member

Law Office of Robbi Abrams Cook
420 Third Street, Suite 200
Oakland, CA  94607

PHONE: 510-208-5051 FAX: 510-208-5052
EMAIL: robbi@robbicooklaw.com
WEBSITE: robbicooklaw.com

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Alexander Cross  Regular Member

Law offices of Cross and Associates
1300 clay st #600
Oakland, CA  94612

PHONE: 510-967-3554 FAX: 510-622-7788
EMAIL: Obiclone@yahoo.com
WEBSITE: www.crosscriminallaw.com

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Charles Gilliland  Regular Member

Charles Gilliland
1901 First Avenue Suite 217E
San Diego, CA  92101

PHONE: 6192310051 FAX: 888-527-4765
EMAIL: charles@crglaw.com
WEBSITE: crglaw.com

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Louis J. Goodman  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
1290 B Street, Suite 307
Hayward, CA  94541

PHONE: 510 582-9090 FAX: 510 582-9195
EMAIL: ljgoodman@yahoo.com
WEBSITE: www.louisgoodman.com

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Vicki A. Jensen  Regular Member

Law Office of Vicki A. Jensen
24072 Myrtle Street
Hayward, CA  94541

PHONE: 510 785-5700
EMAIL: vjlawdui@att.net

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Jeffrey Louis Kaloustian  Regular Member

Law Office of Jeffrey Kaloustian
2831 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA  94609

PHONE: (510) 338-3497 FAX: (510) 550-3683
EMAIL: JKaloustianlaw@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.JKLaw1.com

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Givelle J Lamano  Regular Member

Lamano Law Offices
505 14th Street, Suite 900
Oakland, CA  94612

PHONE: 415-617-9375 FAX: 415-592-5775
EMAIL: Givelle@LamanoLaw.com
WEBSITE: www.LamanoLaw.com

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Brandon Leibrock  Regular Member

Law Office of Brandon Leibrock
331 J Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA  95814

PHONE: 916-827-1529 FAX: 916-504-2677
EMAIL: Brandon@brleibrocklaw.com
WEBSITE: www.brleibrocklaw.com

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John Ronald McCardle  Regular Member

1728 B Street
Haywarde, CA  94541

PHONE: 510-537-6216 FAX: 510-538-8089
EMAIL: mccardle@aol.com

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Amy T. Morell  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
24301 Southland Drive, Ste. 620
Hayward, CA  94545

PHONE: 510-329-6175
EMAIL: amymorell@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.legalhelpfordui.com

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Ivan O.B. Morse  Regular Member

Ivan Morse, Attorney at Law
11700 Dublin Boulevard, Suite 240
Dublin, CA  94568

PHONE: 925-828-5307 FAX: 925-829-2443
EMAIL: ToArgu4u@aol.com
WEBSITE: www.ivanmorse.com

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John W. Noonan  Regular Member

Attorney at Law
5674 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 204
Pleasanton, CA  94588

PHONE: 925 463-3340 FAX: 925 463-3661
EMAIL: ckuchac1@pacbell.net
WEBSITE: www.noonanlawoffices.com

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Manuel Perez  Regular Member

Law Office of Tino Perez
725 Washington Street, Suite 314
Oakland, CA  94607

PHONE: (510) 277-5590 FAX: (510) 835-1465
EMAIL: tinoperezlaw@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.oaklandlawservices.com

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Francisco Rodriguez  Regular Member

Katsuranis & Rodriguez, Trial Attorneys
524 7th St.
Oakland, CA  94607

PHONE: 510-504-2030 FAX: 415-276-1968
EMAIL: lawyer@californialegaldefense.com
WEBSITE: www.californialegaldefense.com

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Fatima P Silva  Regular Member

Law Offices of James V. McGrail
1919 Third Street
Livermore, CA  94550

PHONE: 925-606-6107 FAX: 925-606-7037
EMAIL: fatima@mcgrail-law.com

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Laurel Simmons  Regular Member

Law Office of Laurel Simmons
PO Box 8567
Berkeley, CA  94707

PHONE: 650-644-8207
EMAIL: laurel@laurelsimmonslaw.com

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Walter Frank Suchyta  Regular Member

Walter Frank Suchyta
P. O. Box 931
Union City, CA  94587

PHONE: 510-3048973 FAX: 510-794-0518
EMAIL: suchattorney@comcast.net

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William Walraven  Regular Member

Law Offices of William Walraven
317 Washington Street, Suite 210
Oakland, CA  94607

PHONE: 650-731-5580
EMAIL: walravenlaw@gmail.com
WEBSITE: walravenlawoffices.com

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Tamara Zivot  Regular Member

Tamara Zivot
4096 Piedmont Avenue, Suite #127
Oakland, CA  94611

PHONE: 510-355-5216
EMAIL: tzivot@gmail.com

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Robert Franklin La Pier  Registrant Member

La Pier & Associates, LLC
3622 East 100 North
Rigby, ID  83442

PHONE: 208-754-4643 FAX: 208-538-0431
EMAIL: consult@lapier.com
WEBSITE: www.lapier.com

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Charles Rathburn  Registrant Member

, IN  Firm Zip

PHONE: 260 433-2881
EMAIL: chuck@rathburnlaw.com

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Blackie Burak  Specialist Member

Blackie Burak, Attorney At Law
1701 N. California Blvd., #8
Walnut Creek, CA  94596

PHONE: 925 933-4500 FAX: 925 233-1415
EMAIL: cocolaw@flash.net
WEBSITE: www.blackieduiattorney.com

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Tom McKenna  Specialist Member

Law Office of Thomas F. McKenna
500 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite 300
Walnut Creek, CA  94596

PHONE: 925 933-7500 FAX: 925 933-4515
EMAIL: tom@tfmcriminallawfirm.net
WEBSITE: www.tfmcriminallawfirm.com

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